SouthWoods Center for Ecological Design



This program continues advanced permaculture instrucution for professional practice and performance objectives. Customized to your area.

Intense Site Assessment, Soil Surveys, Narratives, Proposals, Documentation, Design Resources, Professional Graphic Delevelopment, Software, Contracts, Business and Billing Practices.



Each student receives:

  • A 1 year designer subscription and tutorial for the Natural Capital™ Plant Database.
  • Pre-Course Site Assessment Workbook (editable 35 page document).
  • All use of studio tools and materials for the design process, in addition to technique guidance, and concept consultation.
  • A complete pro design experience from client interview, site assessment, concept develeopment, materials calculations to purchasing and manging installation.
  • A completed professional design package.
  • A deep and scientifically backed understanding of natural processes and resources which support a the design and permaculture concepts.

  A five day intensive design experience for advanced permaculture designers & landscape professionals.

 SouthWoods Permaculture Practicums

This workshop intensifies the advanced permaculture course and the SouthWoods Homestead Design Series. Professional quality exercises, design critiques, private work space, tools, and desk are provided. Work at your at a professional pace with 24 hour access to the SouthWoods design lab, plant database, and library.

Included are intensive hands-on polyculture development, assessing ecological services, and installations of plant polycultures and forest garden patches. Students will experience material sourcing and purchasing at wholesale suppliers and use implementation models, management guides, and supportive templates for their own concepts.

Students will have access to digital design software tutorials and methods. Digital Design is optional content.

Seasoned Designer - Instructor:

Daniel Halsey, PRI/AU Certified Teacher, Designer, and owner of SouthWoods Permaculture Design. Dan has a bachelors degree in Temperate Climate Polyculture Design from the University of Minnesota and a Masters in horticulture. His research includes forest ecology, biocontrols, polycultures, and the ecological design process. Dan also a partner in the Natural Capital Plant Database and travels internationally for teaching and design.

Guest Instructors and Presenters: Vary depending on availability.

Associate Designer- PRI Instructor

Neil Bertrando, Reno. Nevada. Dry Lands Strategies, Plants and Design.


In the permaculture designer certification you found the landscape is filled with possibilities. Our lands already have all the ecological services we need to flourish and sustain an abundant lifestyle for growing our food, collecting fresh water for drinking, and reducing your dependence on purchased resources.

This professionall design course unlocks the ecological capital that abounds within our yards, fields, and forests. It will give you the understanding, skills and foresight needed to assess, conceive and design a property into a perpetual harvest system. We will use landscape design language and technique while using the Permaculture design process to create an ecologically balanced residence and abundant lifestyle designs.

Prerequisite: *PDC Certificate or advanced experience and instructor approval.

Study living forest gardens and landscape design techniques. Topics covered in the course will insure a career changing experience and enhance your skills for salable ecological design. Discover the sustainable solutions are specific to your skill set and enhance the your own ecological services.

The Schedule: 9AM Start, Noon Lunch, 5PM End, 24 hour design lab.


Each participant

will be sent the 33 page SouthWoods Site Assessment Workbook

prior to the course.



Pay by check or cash and we supply all design tools for your coursework (see below).

Fees: $750 regular, $735 for first 5 fully paid earlybirds.  $1400 for two.   Click for APD REGISTRATION FORM here

Send the completed registration and a check to SouthWoods and save on books and supplies.

When: TBD       
Where: SouthWoods Forest Gardens, 17766 Langford Blvd, Prior Lake, MN 55372                       

Classes are limited to 12 people. Register Early.

Confirmation and materials will be sent one week prior to the course.


Required Materials List:T-square 36”, Drafting tape,  Triangles: 45-90 degree & 30-60 degree,  Scissors Compass, Drafting pencils – HB, B, 2H, 4H,  8 Scale Ruler, Large and Small circle templates, Tube for carrying drawings, 8-scale graph paper; sheet size 24” x 36” (approx. 4 sheets), 24'x36' vellum paper , 2 sheets Bum Wad paper, Glue stick or double-stick tape, Eraser, Black ink pens – minimum of 3 tips: narrow, medium, bold  (Rent all tools for $35.00 or free with cash or check registration).

Lodging:  Camping is available on-site. Off-site lodging is available nearby.

Meals: A light breakfast and a daily lunch is provided. Dinner is arranged by the group or as individuals require.