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With the hold on most of our projects and postponement of international travel, we are opening live, online sessions for training. This is an important time to develop our skills hello design solutions so we can be ready when called to help Bring sustainable resilience to our communities. Food production is going to be an important activity for all communities this summer. Also we want to develop our landscapes with good design principles. 


Join us on-line or on-site for an intense, life and career changing event. Designs for resilience can be many acres or a homestead food forest.

Each site has its own design solution to deliver the needed food, fibers, medicines, biodiversity, and higher capacity for increased harvest each year. Each site design is site and client specific. The process delivers that!

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United Designer Resources for Permaculture and Ecological Design

This is a 40-page guide and design series companion workbook for site and personal resource assessment for permaculture design. It asks the questions and helps you get organized for finding, designing, and developing a sustainable and productive permaculture homestead. It will help you define your goals for an abundant future... ***


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  New 2012 Edition by Bill Mollison 

  Permaculture:  A Designers Manual    $90.00 plus $8.00 optional shipping

  The book that started and supports the permaculture movement. A must read for everyone.
Book on Permaculture Design

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