SouthWoods Center for Ecological Design

Develop a Resilient Design for Changing Resources and a Dependency Free Lifestyle.


  Build a Legacy of Sustainable Design

   for Generations to Come

Abundance by personal choice, cultural change, and ecological solutions.


We develop and enhance the systems that nature uses to increase natural capital and raise the carrying capacity of the land. Following nature's patterns, systems, cycles, and the site specific requirements, we ensure resilient living.



ZOE Farms 

Transitioning long fallowed fields to woodland pasture, perennial crops, and orchards requires a multilayered agro-ecosystem design.  After extensive site assessment accounting for climate, soil ecology, geology and existing ecological systems, we start by building low impact access to the functional spaces on the site and then develop water catchment systems for drought proofing.  The owners' ,Dustin and Annie Schnabel,  objectives and goals are integrated into a new agro-ecology with over yielding and  multi-seasonal harvests, This is  required to support the stewards of the land and the ecosystem that supports them.   Plant selection is based on using species most suited to the climate and soils. Many of the plants are chosen because they build soil structure, provide beneficial habitat, and fertility supporting the anchor plants which are harvested for human consumption. Nutrients and organic matter is cycled back into the soil to maintain and build soil life.  The landscape is now diverse and rich with habitat.  It is an integrated forest garden, complete with small livestock to collect and spread nutrients across the landscape. A legacy landscape.

Basemaps are the foundation to developing good designs that fit the owner's goals,  property and the environment.

Accurate and deatiled basemaps are essential for measurements and calculations of materials. spacing of plants, positioning features, and easy access by the occupants.

Southwoods deliveres detailed and multi-layered basemaps to inform and inspire sustainable ecological design.

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Legacy Design builds an ecological system that will support the residents for generations adapting to climate change.