SouthWoods Center for Ecological Design Education and Training

Advanced Design Module 1a : Site Assessment and Base Map

Site Assessment: Documenting baseline soil, water, sun and energy resources for design options. Includes Assessment Report, Soil Web Survey and a Sector Map, a comprehensive design tool used as the foundation for all subsequent designs on the property. Step 1, the Base Map graphically represents all assessment data, hardscapes, existing canopy and plants, boundaries, soils, and water features. Step 2,. Site Assessment includes documentation and the Site Assessment Guide to prioritize goals and ecological objectives.  Designers deliver a site assessment report with recommendations from tha data table, associated research documents, soil maps and reports,and a customized and ecologically functional plant list.


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Prior to the on-site consultation, you may choose to use the SouthWoods Homestead Assessment Guide to discover the potential of the design vison, landscape, and resources. While traveling through the 40 page assessment you will learn the lands characteristics, limitations, and opportunities. Then meeting with the client and refining the assessment into a vision during the consultation. Otherwise the workbook will be used as part of the on-site consultation interview.


Upon receipt, place the workbook pages in a large D-ring binder. This binder is for site-specific data.
Please read over the workbook and fill in data as available. Add pages as needed. Flag pages for action and needed information. You will use this for the design process of your site and implementation logistics.
Other assessment information and notes should be in separate sections. Add pocket pages and clear sleeves for graphics. Collect the needed documents and build the property dossier. Insert photos, notes and added material as available. Put plant lists and design documents in the appendix.

Make copies of resource materials as needed.