SouthWoods Center for Ecological Design


Step 3: A Comprehensive Homestead Design Process

SouthWoods Homestead Design develops sustainable solutions that support a low impact, low input lifestyle.  A lifestyle that creates natural capital and abundant resources for a stable and resilient future.










The design report accompanies the design with the site assessment, ecological strategy, energy plan, and cycling systems.



A Homestead Surrounded in Nature's Abundance


In a homestead design humans are the stewards, the primary producer/consumer cycling nutrients through the property. Human needs are met while fulfilling the needs of all other life, creating natural capital and wealth for future generations.

The sustainable homestead solutions are as simple as clothes lines or as complex as geo-thermal heating. Solutions start with small livestock or thousand year nut trees. Each system is integrated into the next. Like a forest, self-sustaining, resilient, and abundant.

Prior to any design work we use an extensive site assessment workbook with the land owners to help develop their visions and goals. This is available via the Course Page. 

In the end all our data makes the design viable while our style of design makes it readable and informative.