SouthWoods Center for Ecological Design

Application for United Abundance Permaculture Installation Teams

Positions available for immediate placement:
  1. Full Time Summer Lead Operator / Installer- private lodging and bi-weekly pay provided.
  2. Two Week Minimum Intern- semi-private lodging with stipend based on proven abilities.
  3. Visiting Practitioner- fee based participation with camping, daily instruction, and assignments.
  4. Design and Project Assistant- Intensive project management, research, and design tasks.
      Please submit three references with the application. All positions are intended for professional development and all applicants are expected to act and perform in a professional manner. Team members showing excellent craftsmanship, problem solving abilities, and work ethic will be considered for further placment.

  • The use of heavy equipment and livestock prohibits children on the premises during working hours.
  • The consumption of alcohol, smoking, and illicit drugs are prohibited.
  • A valid drivers license and passport are recommended for international travel opportunities.
  • Applicatnts may be required to take training prior to joining United Abundance teams.
  • Propsective team members will be notiified of any additional site specific requirements.
  • Teams members will be paid by the site manager or owner.